It Takes A Village To Bruise A Child

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We note that the budget has been passed. The City Newsletter gives the basics.

It’s a shame Takoma Park does not mark the city’s great 1997 boundry victory every year. There has been a fuss on this 10th anniversary, but there is no established grassroots celebration. In the Old World hard-won boundries are remembered yearly by walking them, not only as a reminder where the boundries are, but as an assertion of rights and solidarity – “These lands belong to us villagers, we forced you aristocrats and officials to grant them to us, now keep your grasping hands off ’em!”

Does this not sum up the struggle to unify Takoma Park in one county, Dear Readers?

In some places in the Old World, the locals still yearly “beat the bounds,” walking the boundry of their parish, stopping at significant locations and abusing the children. This they do by beating them or tossing them into a bush or stream. This is merely a mnemonic device – it helps the youngsters recall particular spots so they can remember the boundry line. “Oh, yeah, that’s where the mayor and councilmembers threw me into the rose bush, must be the boundry!” It’s hard work, so they refresh themselves with the local ale, bier, vino, or rakjia. Some of the participants dress up funny or carry symbolic objects or figures around. There might be singing or music.

Doesn’t this sound like a good idea for Takoma Park? Certainly the Mayor and Councilmembers would enjoy beating their consituents.

Here is a recent comment from “Aaron:”
“A Starbucks is being moved into Old Town, what can we do about it? How is it possible to stop the landowner to lease his space to a corporation.”


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  1. Really? Where is the Starbux gonna b ? Yes TP drinks but i think TP is apt 2 support the local coffe shops. Teens will probably (IMO) frequent starbucks, but is that enough 4 their business ?

  2. I’ll take “their” Starbucks any day if “they” will take back the freakin’ CVS.

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