Galvanizin’ Iowa

by Our Frozen Correspondent

Suddenly everyone is talking primary politics. Obama and Huckabee’s wins in Iowa Friday were galvanizing. The overly-long, ridiculously early pre-Iowa campaign is finally done with and the horse race is on. A more apt analogy might be a demolition derby – just ask former candidates Joe Biden and Chris Dodd.

Even my 20 year old daughter was galvanized by Iowa. She spent the day alternating between listening to NPR and checking candidate’s websites. She signed up to volunteer for Dennis Kucinich.

Coincidentally, my Hillary-supporting uncle in New Hampshire went to see Kucinich speak Friday. My uncle reports that Kucininch, wearing a suit, looked more presidential than many of the other candidates. Most candidates dress “down” to meet NH voters.

My uncle found himself agreeing with much of what Kucinich said. I’ve heard this from many people, usually followed by a “but, . . . ” My uncle was no exception. Whereas many of Kuchinich’s ideas sound good, for example his proposal to nationalize the oil companies, the candidate didn’t give a lot of details about how that would be accomplished.

Meanwhile back in Maryland, friends at a party in Brinklow tonight said they are open to an Obama candidacy even if they back other candidates at the moment – this even from a Gravel supporter. Some have marveled at how Obama could win in a such lily-white state as Iowa. Many people mention Obama’s victory speech and how good it was.

The speech was well received, it is true, but like the rest of his campaign, it lacked substance. Perhaps I’ll be enlightened when I see him speak tomorrow in New Hampshire.

– O.F.C.

Our Frozen Correspondent is filling in with these special reports from the New Hampshire Primary while Gilbert is on break.

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