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The feeling I get here is that Obama will win the NH Primary. Predicting second place is more difficult. I’m going to call it for Edwards, then Hillary close behind. I suspect these three will continue to slug it out for the next few primaries.

McCain will probably win the Republican nod, followed by Romney.

A lot of annoying media buzz about Clinton’s “meltdown” during a Q&A session. An Obama campaigner just came to the door and was speculating that it was staged to get the men’s vote (we can’t resist a crying woman, apparently). He is the third campaigner from as many campaigns to ring the doorbell. There has been about a call an hour pestering my aunt and uncle to vote.

They have voted and report no big crowds, but a steady trickle. My aunt thinks most of the folks there were Obama supporters. Their little village is full of them. The radio is saying that voting is so heavy that some precincts may run out of ballots.

My cousin who recently moved from the DC area reports a voting experience in Keene that was a refreshing change from the ones she had in Arlington, VA. Outside there were knots of of campaign workers – all chatting with one another, excited to be there and enjoying the banter with each other . There were almost no lines to vote. The longest line was the one she encountered to switch back to “undeclared.”

That’s what they call “independent” here. Undeclared people can vote in either party’s primary. They declare for a party, are handed the ballot for that party, vote, hand in the ballot, then switch back (if they wish) to “undeclared”. So, they belong to a party for a few minutes, just long enough to cast a vote.

My cousing says she saw the list and most of the undeclared voters had voted Democratic. No indications which candidate, though.

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  1. All I know is that Obama just won South Carolina — that’s means that they probably ran out of ballots down there.
    Thank God, he’s tight in the race.

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