The Village Inn

by Our Frozen Correspondent

At the village inn, which looks exactly as you imagine a New Hampshire village inn to look like, local democrats from here and two nearby villages have gathered to watch the results. Most of them from my uncle’s village are retirement age, but there are middle aged and younger folks from the other communities. Lots of sweaters and turtle necks, t hough the temps are in the mid-40s. The bar is popular and the crowd is convivial. The tv is too old to have captioning, but we’re watching the results.

Other results come by phone. To the surprise of many, Hillary has won in this village and one of the neighboring ones. Here it is 562 for Clinton, 560 for Obama, around 200 for Edwards. The results from the neighboring village favor Clinton even more. The results on tv, with about 25% of the votes in show similar results.

Just to remind us that we’re at the center of the political universe, however, NPR’s Linda Wurtheimer is here doing a live feed. She’s carrying a huge fuzzy microphone that’s a little bit frightening. She just interviewed my uncle and asked for his advice to Clinton in case she loses this race.


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