Crunching the Numbers

by Our Frozen Correspondent

So, now Hillary will come under the media scrutiny that front-runners earn. While in the midst of Clinton supporters here in NH, I can almost forget my own qualms about a Clinton candidacy: her electability once the Hillary haters crank up their talk-show machine, the Bill Clinton baggage, her opponents criticism about her PAC funding, the ridiculousness of having Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton presidencies back to back, and her discounting the “which candidate would you like to have a beer with” factor.

I’m not reassured by her “On day one, we will get a plan” solution to the Iraq War, either.

Her victory speech was not reassuring. It was back to the old Hillary – wooden delivery, and reading from notes – unlike both Obama and Edwards who conceeded extemporaneously. Whoever stands up to (presumably) McCaine needs to offer a sharper contrast in speaking style, and needs to be more glib.

Now, I better get out of the state before my Hillary supporting aunt (whose interview on NPR was all over Morning Edition this morning) reads it.

Yesterday I talked to an old high school classmate Margaret who lives in a village near our hometown. She backed Clinton on much of the same feminist grounds my aunt and cousin cite (my uncle, who was for Hillary long before they were clears his throat here). All the other candidates except Obama made it through her village, she reports. Obama kept to the larger towns.

Margaret dabbles in numerology, she tells me, and offers the following numerological analysis of Clinton and Obama. See below.

Heading back to Maryland, now! It’s a gray, rainy day in New Hampshire, the beautiful snow is melting away and the ground is thawing and turning to mud.


Margaret says to tell you she learned numerology n part from the book Numerology and the Divne Triangle by Faith Javene and Dusty Bunker.
Hillary Diane Rodham

soul # = 9 1 7 9 1 5 6 1 39/3
0uter # = 8 3 3 9 4 5 9 4 8 4 57/3
10 26 1947

Hillary’s Numerology

Soul # (the part of you that only those closest to you know very well) = 39/3 Threes are cheery, inspired, spirited, and can contribute to alieviating another’s gloom. They have the ability to mix and mingle in small groups quite easily

*perhaps that’s where the likability factor factors in -* the Hillary We Know was a successful campaigner.
Outer Personality # (the persona that others immediately pick up on that may or may not be anything akin to the inner life/soul) = 57/3 So again, If you know the Hillary that everyone else knows, what you see is what you get as her soul number and outer number are the same. She’s taking on a lot of negativity which can seriously depress any normally cheery person.

Path of Destiny # (how one feels most comfortable moving and shaking in the world.) = 96/6 Sixes are very concerned with family, harmony, community, beauty, and things on a larger scale. Though they do not have the breadth of vision that nines do, however, they are very capable of drawing in their own into a comfortable/happy/balanced place. Six is motivated to do work, yet, it has to have a mission to it. Drudge work is not for this one!

Life Lesson # (what you are here to learn in life.)= 57/3 I think I see a theme here – life is to teach. Her lesson is so much the same as her soul #, so perhaps, life is to teach her to trust her deepest instincts!! I just listened to her victory speech. In it, she said she spent time here and found her own voice…that’s big! She’ll be reaching a lot of folks with her message…it’s comforting!

The other interesting thing I pick up from her numerology is her karma numbers. Karma numbers are the ones that are missing from the letters of the birth names. Hillary’s missing numbers are 2 & 3. Now, as you can see, she’s got a whole lot of help with the three vibration in three out of the four major numbers in her profile. The two vibration is completely missing from her birth name, however, as a ClinTon…the letter T contributes to that missing vibration *and the C adds to the three vibration, also*

Missing number two vibration has a lot to do with Lack of Tact…that’s why at times she may sound shrill or abrupt. Two is the sweetheart vibration…it’s the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down vibration. That may be the other part of the likability factor deficit. I think she’s making progress in that department on a daily basis.

Barack Hussein Obama
born August 4th in 1961.

Soul # = the part of you that only those closest to you know very well. His number is 27/9 that relates to his humanitarian endeavors. Nines are the big brother/big sister types. They savour the larger stories of life in the richness of diversity. They see the big picture, travel in large circles, though, less intimate arenas of life. Nines are more traditional in tastes/values. They like the tried and true seeking truth in all elements of their experience. I would love that this position be in his path of destiny #. It must give him a great deal of frustration to feel all these issues with no avenue for change.

Outer personality # = the persona that others immediately pick up on that may or may not be anything akin to the inner life/soul # one possesses. His number is 46/1 Ones are the I AMs of the world. They appear to be largely in control of any situation in a leadership role. They are quick to put themselves first and foremost in any situation with needs. Ones are very intrigued with new, novel, unique experiences or directions in trends. Ones are far more solitary in nature.

Path of Destiny # = the self integrated is the best life directing force. In other words how one feels most comfortable moving and shaking in the world. His number, again, boils down to 73/1. Like I said, I rather his path number be a nine… Ones – leaders, quick to move, to go with the new, novel.

Life Lesson # = what you are here to learn in life. His number is 29/11. Eleven is a master number…I call it the Luke Skywalker of the master numbers. Yoda would be the supreme master number at 44. I digress. So Obama is here to learn that life is as it is, yet has the ability to see a shinier version of how it could be with more things in tune with the ‘divine’…

Elevens have a hard time holding their positions because of the great pulls they feel from the real world and their spiritual aspirations..

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