Update: Councilmember Stricken Ill at Meeting

Update, Nov. 4: The city says that Takoma Park councilmember Colleen Clay has been released from the hospital and is “fine” following her dramatic exit from the city council meeting last night.

Update, 10:48PM: Mayor Bruce Williams announced at the close of the Nov. 3 meeting that counclimember Clay, who had to be assisted from the council dais at the beginning of tonight’s city council meeting, has been “checked out,” apparently meaning that she had been examined by a doctor at a hospital.

He further hinted that Clay has continuing medical issues, stating that she has “things she needs to pay a little attention to,” but he said she was expected to be released and able to go home by tomorrow by the latest. He said that she may even have been released by the time he made the announcement.

8:15PM: (revised) Councilmember Colleen Clay, Ward 2 representative, had to be assisted from the council dais at the start of the Nov. 3 Takoma Park City Council meeting. Appearing pale-face, complaining of a rapid heartbeat, and saying “I have to go!” she was helped from the room by a number of concerned-looking people including a police officer. The meeting was halted for around 15 minutes, Mayor Bruce Williams explaining first that Councilmember Clay had been feeling ill for a couple of days.

When the council returned it was to say that Clay was being tended in another part of the building and had asked the Mayor to continue without her..

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  1. Colleen Clay | November 4, 2008 at 7:37 pm |

    Gilbert, So nice to see you care! I was told you had posted this so thought I’d let you and your readers know what happened. My heart was racing for several minutes before the meeting and I thought if I sat down it would stop. It didn’t and when I thought I might pass out on camera I decided to leave, as it was obvious to me I needed help. The ambulance took me to Washington Adventist, where they said I have “Supraventricular tachycardia.” It may have been exacerbated by the flu meds i’ve been taking. The doctor described it to me as having extra wiring in my heart that over rides the normal rhythm at times. I’m OK. But I need to see a cardiologist, and I’m going to take a few days of down time to relax and do all the doctor stuff.

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