Q: What was your most memorable gift?


Berlin Borges (with Carlson): “I remember the first time I
went to Disney World. My parents took my two sisters and me when I was seven
years old. For me it was very impressive. We had seen Mickey Mouse and Minnie
Mouse and Pluto on TV but it was amazing to see them life size and touch them.

You say ‘Wow.’ It was like another planet. ”

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Gary Hess: “My grandson.”


Nneka Ukegbu: “At home, in Nigeria, my sister, who was 14,
gave me a little carving. It wasn’t expensive or elaborate or a glamorous gift,
but it had a few words that I remember. It said, ‘I care about you.’ She gave it
to me when I was leaving Nigeria to come to the US, 10 years ago. It’s just
that she was so young and that she was giving me a parting gift. I’ve had it
with me ever since.”


Kirk Talbott: “Our daughters Ava and Elena the last few
Christmases have made wonderful calendars with family photos and neat captions,
beautifully done, rich memories — a special gift, far better than any material
gift anyone could give me.”


Emily Van Loon: “I remember one year Tom gave me a bathroom
scale for Christmas, and the whole neighborhood was so outraged that my friends
have made themselves Tom’s gift consultants. He can’t buy any gifts without
consulting them. Last year I got a big purse, which was ever so much better
than a bathroom scale. It was the combination of the scale and a pocketknife
for Valentine’s Day, that convinced everybody that he’d gone over the edge.”


Sue Katz Miller: “When I was a kid, the most exciting part
of getting gifts was during Hanukkah when my mother hid the gifts and we had to
find them. Sometimes it was just a roll of lifesavers, but it didn’t matter
because the joy was in the hunt.”

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  1. Once my parents gave my brother a gallon of milk and a Mad magazine for his birthday. At the time it seemed pretty sad to all of us. Now we realize that it showed how broke they were and we see the thought behind it. My brother did love milk and Mad magazine!

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