Q: What is your reaction to Obama’s election? What’s the key to solving our country’s problems?


Keith Bond: “I’m surprised, because I grew up in the South
and living in Utah, and it didn’t seem possible from my past history that the
country would elect a black president. I’m sure that there’s some way to solve
all the problems, but I just don’t know what it is.”

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Edward Saunders: “It’s a good opportunity for change. The
key would be doing what makes sense, as opposed to what we’re used to doing.”


Sophie Richardson: “On the first one it’s hard not to say
‘pretty damn good,’ but I’m increasingly uneasy at the extent to which he’s
keeping on people from the Bush administration and wheeling out former
Clintonites. I’m so pleased whenever there’s a name I don’t know.

The key? I think on the financial issues particularly,
investing in education and environmental technology is clearly one way to go.
Obviously the financial industry needs a tad more oversight. I’m a big fan of


Inga Jones-Holmes: “I’m thrilled about Obama being elected.
Beyond the obvious reason for me, him being an African American, something most
of us thought we’d never see in our lifetime, I feel we finally have someone in
office that embodies all that America says that it is. He’s forward thinking,
very diverse culturally. He represents this melting pot of ideas and

The key to solving our problems?  Consistency, structure and open-mindedness.”


Sean Sullivan: “Finally we’ve got a change, and the change
is competence and cooperation in the federal government. Now THAT is a change.
The key to solving problems is experience and cooperation. You can’t do it
alone, and you can’t do it without the Republicans. It’s no time to close off
any ideas which are not your own. I have confidence that problems can be


Luca Longo: “I’m happy about it. Obama’s election is an
historic event, the first black American president. And a lot of people in
Italy feel the same. I think he should
take people out of Iraq to make the war end, and he should  fix the health insurance. In Italy
health care is free, including for the homeless.”

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