Q: What does “hometown” mean to you?

Paul Crumrine: “I moved five times when I was a kid, but I have good memories of all of them. To me hometown means feeling comfortable walking down the street: familiar sights and landscapes, seeing familiar faces more than rarely. I’m from upstate New York. I’ve been here 35 years. The intimacy of small New England and mid-Atlantic towns like Takoma Park and downtown Silver Spring means hometown to me.”
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Ashley Bryant:
“I consider my hometown to be wherever my family is. Right now,
Arkansas is where all my cousins, grandma and grandpa, are. And if that
were to change, if they moved, my hometown would move too. It’s the
people that make my hometown. And I guess I’d consider Maryland my
hometown too, because all my friends are here.”

Isis Tabrizi: “Security, closeness, family, comfort. My hometown is Akka, Israel. My entire family is there and I was raised there.”

Rachel Horoschak:
“I live here in Takoma Park, and I’ve lived here six years. I think
working at the Farmers Market and meeting and getting to know people
makes it feel like my hometown. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I
consider Takoma Park my hometown: being able to walk down the street,
people saying hello and recognizing you makes you feel like you belong.”

Jackie Kuchta, with Emma Paul: “A place where my family is, where when I walk down the street I can say hello to friends.”

Rigs Wanjau:
“The place where you grew up, where everybody knows you, and knows
embarrassing things about you. For me, that would have to be Ridgeways,
Nairobi, Kenya.”


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  1. Shakil Hayat | May 15, 2014 at 10:28 am |

    I mean hometown means,where my uncles and my family,my cousin live.Where my grandfather has a house and where his son lives and where i lives.

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