Q: What do YOU do for local summer fun?


Margaret Nguyen: “We like to go to the pool and come to the Farmers Market, and barbeque.”
Chris Evans, with Phoenix: “I do the same. Phoenix likes to eat, and go to the pool.”

Fredys Martinez: “Hang out with friends.”
Jennifer Martinez (with Mikey the chihuahua): “We like to play sports a lot — soccer. And we just like go to lakes and pools, hike, and hang out.”
Yoshi: We go fishing, and to Six Flags, and to the pool.
Jennifer Ali: “Hang out with friends, go camping, go to Ocean City.”
Veronica Melendez:
“I have a list of what I’d like to be doing, even though I haven’t been
doing it lately. There are so many beautiful bike paths around here,
like Sligo Creek and Rock Creek Park..  It’s so beautiful it would be
good to take advantage of it and take a bike trip. I even want to take
a long distance trip to Ocean City with my bike, camping on the way.
That’s my ultimate goal.”
Robert Toll: “We like to be outdoors and enjoy live music.”
Daniel Shiat:
“The summer is for not only chilling out, but chilling out to the max
— maximum chilling out. And we like to bike. We just biked the Capital
Crescent Trail.”
Zoe Zaret, with Isaac and Oriana: “We live near Great Falls. We like to go to regional parks. Isaac and Oriana like to dress up.”
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