Q: What is YOUR favorite summer memory?


From left:
Bamba Jallow: “I’m a workaholic. I have no summer memories. Wait–scuba diving! One place I went to was Orlando. I saw coral reefs, lots of fish. It was nice.”
Pierre Lubin: “Going to Six Flags.”
Shahid Alam: “Mostly on vacations. Last year I went to Myrtle Beach. We had a place with an ocean view, where we could wake up and see the waves. We woke up before sunrise and collected seashells. I found a shell as big as my hand.”
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Bebe Hintsa:
“I don’t have many memories from here, and in my country, Ethiopia,
it’s summer all the time, but I remember planning with my friends at my
church, and on special days we went visiting with my church friends.”
Tilahun Berhe: “I liked to play outside, run outside and have a picnic outside.”
Benjamin Jennings:
“Going to Deep Creek Lake, in Western Maryland near West Virginia.
Fishing, boating, we cook out, stay in cabins, go bike riding, and ride
Sea-Doos, everything.”
Darby Granite: “Bonnaroo Music
Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. They have all kinds of
music–Springsteen, Nine-inch Nails, Merle Haggard, the list goes on,
50-60 bands, 100 thousand people, at a four-day festival.”
Doug Weimer: “Taking vacations, to Nagshead: sit on a beach and drink and look at women. Just relax and enjoy not doing anything.
Rick Vitullo: “Going to an outdoor pool in rural Ohio, many many years ago, swimming in spring-fed cold water.”
Mary Stella Donovan:
“My favorite memory was when I went to Spain, the summer after my
sophomore year. We did a 17-day tour up and down Madrid, Barcelona,
Sevilla. It was an eye opening experience. Spain has a cultural blend
of Arabic, Spanish and a lot of different cultures. The artwork was
beautiful. It made me realize the world extends beyond my nose.”
Daniel Keller:
“Going to the lake with my entire family. We go every year so it’s a
really relaxing experience. Also, going to the pool and trying to
strike the fine balance between walking and running so you don’t get
yelled at by the tyrannical lifeguards.”
Jonathan Vogel:
“My family used to go to Bethany Beach and in the evening there’s
phosphorescence under the sand, that glows when you scrape off the top
layer of sand. You could draw patterns and write things in it. That’s
one of my favorite memories.”


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