Seamens Declines Mayoral Nomination

Nominated for two seats in this year’s election, Ward 4 councilmember Terry Seamens has turned down the mayoral nomination, opting to run for his current council seat.
Seamens says in a statement to the Takoma Voice, “I can only run for one office this year, so I’ve spent the hours since the nominations talking with my family, friends and advisors to decide on the best course for me to follow. My candidacy for Mayor would provide a strong, visible platform from which to advocate for the changes I feel would improve the quality of life for city residents. Yet, there is much work to be done to implement lasting, systemic changes in Ward 4. Although I might gain personal prestige should I become the Mayor, my personal commitment to my constituents in Ward 4 must come first. For that reason, I will again run for the Ward 4 Council position, and strive to address the outstanding issues.”
Seamens says his nomination for mayor at the nominating caucus held September 29 ” was both a surprise and an honor. It was a strong demonstration of appreciation from the city residents, who I strive to serve. The many kind words offered in support of my nomination for continued work as the Ward 4 Council representative gave further feedback that my past work has been properly focused.”
Seamens faces a challenger this election, Eric Mendoza. Mendoza was described by his nominator as a protégé of councilmember Seamens. In fact it was Mendoza who nominated Seamens for mayor.
Photo: Mendoza nominates Seamens for Mayor.
Seamens states “I was excited and very pleased to see another person step forward to run for Ward 4. I have worked hard to strengthen the sense of community in our neighborhood, and encourage people join in building a better community. I accept Eric Mendoza’s nomination as a positive outcome from that work.”
His statement shifts to campaign mode, describing the areas he says he will focus on in his Ward for his next term: reducing and calming traffic, expanding recreational activities, achieving fair and equitable treatment, inclusion and empowerment, improving economic opportunities for young adults, and systematizing support services for needy residents
Seamens mentions the difficult economy and significant revenue cuts, saying his long council experience make him “the best Ward 4 candidate to find the budget reductions while still filling community needs.


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4 Comments on "Seamens Declines Mayoral Nomination"

  1. Mario Mendoza | October 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm |

    If he had accepted the nomination, would that have put him above the Mendoza Line?

  2. Tom Gagliardo | October 1, 2009 at 4:34 pm |

    No guts, not glory. Definitely we have become In-a-coma Park.

  3. Guts is one thing. Brains is another.
    Seamens was thrust into the mayoral race by his ward constituents. He doesn’t have any deep divisions with Mayor Williams that he could run against him on – not that we’ve heard him voice from the council dais, anyway.
    Seamens has been a fraction more fiscally conservative than the rest of the council, particularly of late, but that’s a risky issue to exploit in Takoma Park. Historically, a majority of the voters don’t vote on fiscal issues. Look at how the entire council got reelected following the community center cost overruns and the gym fiasco!
    Even though we’re having unusually difficult economic times and the city is looking at budget cuts and maybe service cuts, winning on that issue would be tough.
    Just do the math. Ward 4 would vote overwhelmingly for Seamens, but that ward traditionally casts fewer votes than other wards. And there are 5 other wards where Williams has strong support, particularly in heavily-voting Wards 3 and 1.
    Almost surely, Seamens would go down to defeat – as he did when he ran against William’s mentor Kathy Porter in 2001 – a stinging 1676 to 598. And then he was off the council, leaving Ward 4 with a lackluster representative for a term. Looks to us like he did the smart thing.
    – Gilbert

  4. Declining clearly put him above the Mendoza line.
    And Mr. Mendoza bats above his weight.

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