Q: What is your hope for 2010?


Saul Schniderman: “I hope for four things: I hope for Carroll Avenue to be paved. I hope for new small businesses to start up in Takoma Park. I hope that real healthcare reform is passed. I hope that the US withdraws from Afghanistan.”

(from left)

Michael Leon Jonhson: “I hope for the war in Iraq to be over, and for a large amount of people to start going to church.”

Anthony “V”: “A stable place to live and to go to a good college. And a large skate park.”
Skateboard Mom” Maryam Balbed: “A large skate park for downtown Silver Spring.”
Yaya Balbed: “A good place for all skateboarders to be. A big skate park.
Karun Rai: I hope for the economy to get better.”
Ann Lafferty: “A lot of joy.”
Maydean Roberts: “First is to get my own place, and second is to cut off the negative people in my life.”
Trenita Collins (holding Jaquan and Latayvia): “For me, to finish school, to be a more supportive mom, and to leave all my worries alone, put all my worries in the trash.”
Latayvia Roberts: “My birthday is coming up and I hope to get a Tinkerbell.”
Matthew Casella: “I hope I will continue moving forward.”
Lizz Edwards:
“I hope for agreement. People in general need to try harder to agree.
You don’t need to agree on everything, but try to see commonality and
try to understand existence from other people’s perspective.
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