Resolve to contribute to your Voice this year

1. Purchase a voluntary subscription.

The Voice is a free, grassroots publication facing the financial challenge of the recession. In 2009, many community members helped keep the Voice going by making a contribution to the operating budget. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the community.

Please consider donating to the Voice this year so that we can continue to publish. To contribute, visit or use US mail: 7040 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912.

Questions: call 301-891-6744 or e-mail

2. Patronize our advertisers and let them know that you saw their ad in the Voice.

Most of our advertisers are small businesses like us. When you spend your money with them, more of your dollar stays right here in the community.

3. Send us your story ideas.

We want to know what stories you would like to see in the Voice. Would you like to see more profiles? More county news? More investigative journalism? Send us your story ideas and other feedback so that we can make this the best Voice possible. Let us know what we are doing wrong. But also let us know what we are doing right. Send your ideas to

4. Submit photos. Consider writing an article.

We try to make it to every community event, but obviously we cannot be everywhere at once. Surprisingly, the core Voice staff is comprised of only two individuals. We rely upon volunteers and journalism students to generate the material for each issue. If you could like to be one of our citizen journalists, please contact us at 301-891-6744 or

5. Volunteer to share your expertise.

We can always use some help with the nuts and bolts of publishing this community newspaper. We are in particular need of proofreaders, Web 2.0 experts, salespeople, and deliveryfolks. Let us know if you have skills that would help us jump the hurdles of running an underfunded publication.

We are committed to making this the best year yet for the Voice. Please consider being a part of that.

We love living here, and we love providing the community with a Voice.

Thank you.

Eric Bond

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Eric Bond
Eric Bond is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Voice.