Q: How is President Obama doing so far?


Anthony Raad: “I think we were expecting a little more action. I find it surprising that it took him a couple of months to figure out a strategy in Afghanistan. It’s important that a president acts in a more timely fashion. Every week we are losing lives and spending millions. 
Americans are anxious and we don’t need more anxiety in this economy.

I think Obama’s actions in the economy were warranted and taken in good faith, but still unemployment is above 10 percent. I work at a bank. People who come to me at the bank are unemployed and I try to work with them to help them out, but the real problem is there are no jobs. We’re pumping billions of dollars into the economy, but where are the jobs?”

Marcia Bini:
“I’m very disappointed because he made a lot of campaign promises about
change in Washington and bipartisanship, but it’s been more partisan
than ever. And I think the Health Care Reform is not what the American
people want. It’s being railroaded through. I don’t think he has the
control he thought he would have.”
Francis Xavier Msonthi:
“So far he’s done an excellent job. He’s doing a lot of work in a short
period of time after taking over the mess we’ve been in. I think people
need to consider he’s putting in a lot of hours. I can’t remember a
president who’s worked 24/7 the way he’s doing. On top of that, he
still looks cool, calm and collected. I wish him all the best, much
Leszek Green:
“Well, honestly, I don’t follow politics that much, so I don’t really
know, but from what I hear, he’s not doing as well as a lot of people
Helena Adena (left):
“For me so far, he didn’t do anything about the economy and workers.
People can’t find jobs. When he came in businesses were closing and
people couldn’t find jobs. I hope he can do better. I like him, but I
think he’s going to be like Bush. I just don’t see any change.”
Emma Disimino:
“Everybody in my family voted for Obama. His motto was change. He said
we’d have our troops out of Iraq, but he’s putting them into
Afghanistan. I don’t think it was right he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
All he’s saying is just words. He just began a year ago, but I don’t
see change yet. Actions speak louder than words. Change would be
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