Let us eat cheesecake!

WORLD ON A PLATE — “Just give it a chance,” says Meaghan Murphy, co-founder of the new Capital City Cheesecake located in Takoma Park in place of the Savory Café.

Meaghan, and her sister, Caitlin, never thought they would be in the cheesecake business. Caitlin, who has had vision problems since she was a baby, spent many days and nights inside due to light bothering her. One day, her friend asked her to bake her a cheesecake. Caitlin found a recipe, baked the cake and to her surprise her friends loved it.

The Cheesecake Sisters

Caitlin and Meaghan Murphy are refurbishing the former Savory Café to reflect their own style. Residents eagerly await the opening. Photo by Julie Wiatt

“We really thought we were on to something, I thought with my business background we could make this work,” says Meaghan. Both sisters spent countless hours in the kitchen refining their cheesecakes with flavors from Red Velvet to Key Lime. After trying one bite of their Red Velvet miniature cheesecakes, it becomes clear why they will be among the leaders of the industry.

Once they had their recipes down, it was time to open up shop. The sisters began cooking out of the kitchen at Colonel Brooks Tavern in DC and taking orders. While it worked at first, people began calling in and asking where they were located. Naturally, the sisters could not invite them into a kitchen so they decided to move into their new location in Takoma Park. While they enjoyed the overall space provided at the Saory Café, they decided to add their own touches to the place with help from their brother Mike in charge of small renovations.

Meaghan and her sister Caitlin chose Takoma Park for its family-like atmosphere. “We wanted a place where people could come in, relax and interact with the community,” says Meaghan.

Capital City Cheesecake will be a place where tasty food comes first. Not in the mood for cheesecake? Not to worry, freshly baked goods such as cookies, sticky buns, waffles, and muffins are offered.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

From the moment you walk in, a tantalizing aroma fills the air. Turn to the left and there is an area for wi-fi only customers who can park themselves for hours without bothering those who walk in for a quick cup of coffee. Head upstairs, place an order and relax a couple minutes while your handmade food is brought to you, getting restless? Head downstairs and watch as the handmade food is prepared giving customers a chance to interact with Caitlin while preparing the food in front of them.

Meaghan and Caitlin want everyone who walks into their place to feel at home, not just in atmosphere, but also in food choice. “We know there is a huge vegan community in Takoma Park,” says Meaghan, that’s why they are offering vegan cheesecakes as well as other vegan assortments provided by a vegan chef.

German Chocolate Cheesecake

German Chocolate Cheesecake

Capital City Cheesecake does not have a definitive grand opening date, but will be opened no later then the beginning of May. Opening and closing times are not yet set, but the sisters hope to open early for those wanting to grab breakfast and close late for anyone who wants to enjoy a cheesecake and coffee.

Edible arts classes will be offered soon for children. This gives kids a chance to not only learn how to make new foods, but also create pieces of art.

All in all, Capital City Cheesecake promises to be a relaxed yet entertaining place for Takoma Park residents to bring their family and friends.

For more information on Capital City Cheesecake visit www.capitalcitycheesecakes.com.

— by Anthony Raad

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  1. Looks great, but what are the price points?
    This place will be live downtown ss’s cakelove, great stuff but costly. It is hard for me to spend $5 for a small 3in cheesecake.
    good luck to you murphys.
    also, is this the bakery that is getting a relity show?

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