Q: What was your experience in the snow and what do you look forward to in spring?


“I like snow.”

Chris Rhodes [far right]: “
We have a great story. Lisa lives on Ballard, a one-way, dead-end street. The snow was so deep the plows couldn’t come through. We’d probably have been stuck for four days, but we organized everyone on the street, and one guy had a snow blower. About 30 people came out to help, so with snow shovels and one snow blower we shoveled out about 75 percent of the block. The county plow drove by, and because they saw everyone working together, they finished off the job — a victory for the county and for the people. It was a great effort, everyone coming together. It was an awesome thing. For spring, we are looking for new beginnings. It was a great winter, we were intentionally paused, to reflect on past, present and future.”

Lisa Frazier: “And we’re looking forward to the new playground in Woodside. We’re excited about it.”


“It was good, but we had to shovel everything. And we went
sledding. In spring I’m looking forward to going out in shorts and not a
huge coat.”

Aabel Tesfu:
“We were pretty stationary
because roads were blocked. I hope to see more sunshine, and pool
openings — I’m a swimmer. “


“We ate a lot of dried goods, dried beans. Emptied out the
last of the tequila. We cleared out our cabinets — still comfortable,
though. I’m looking forward to the snow packs melting so I can bike to
work again.”

MaryLee Haughwout:
“I actually enjoyed it.
I’m from Maine, so I thought the snow was nice. We tried to make the
best of it by going snowshoeing and building an igloo.  I’m looking
forward to some natural vitamin D from the sun.”


“I was away in Oklahoma, for training. I didn’t miss the
snow; I saw it on TV. I look forward to taking my wife around and
showing her DC as it comes back to life.”

Chermaine Black:

“That was my first experience with snow. I’m from St. Lucia. It was the
first time really seeing and touching snow. I loved it. It was a
wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing what spring is all about,
everything coming back because of spring.”


Dinger and Kathleen Mahaney:
“We went night sledding, 8 – 10 p.m.
by the retirement home. It was intense. I enjoyed it. It was fun.”

“I look forward to being able to walk around Kensington,
antique shopping. “

Kathleen Mahaney:
“I look forward to
it being warm.”


“I live pretty far and I wasn’t able to get in to work [at the
Kensington Old Town Market]. We’re looking forward to warmer weather.
Our ice cream machine is back on already.”

Janet Darlington:

“I cheated coming to work, because I live next door, so I’m hard to
keep down. This is a family store; right after a break in the snow it
seemed like half the town was here. People were really neighborly, took
turns shoveling, helping out. It was a really nice spirit. Soon people
were even asking for ice cream.”

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