Q: What is your environmental resolution?


John Landenburger: “My resolution is that we control the carbon in the atmosphere. A tax on carbon emission would be the easiest quickest way to do it.”

Teresa Meeks:
“I’ve been trying to pick one day a week to not drive at all.  I’ve always composted, have an organic garden, and line dry clothes.”

Brad Teal:
“The most important resolution is to keep the carbon dioxide in the air at 350 parts per million.”

Tama Griffith: “My resolution is to hold our legislators accountable and make sure they pass legislation to bring us back to 350 or less ppm of C02 in the atmosphere. We are at about 390 now and climbing. This is about our children’s future, and our own.  If we can’t get back to 350 we’ll see catastrophic climate change.”


Kristen Moeller:

“I have a new outdoor dryer. It’s solar. I don’t understand why
everybody doesn’t have one.”


Laura Craig: “I want to
start composting. I feel dumb that I don’t know how yet. I hate just
throwing food scraps. It’s also important to get children involved in
composting and biking. What’s right for the environment is related to a
good quality of life for us and our kids.”

J.C. Craig: “I
won’t mow. Maybe I’ll raise goats in the yard. And I won’t buy a car.”


Nina Garfield: “My
resolution is to use my car less. That’s a hard one, but I’m trying.
Other than that I’m doing pretty well, and my car gets good gas mileage.
I miss my bike. When you drive a lot you become addicted to driving. I
have another resolution: I’ll buy a water bottle and a coffee mug so I
don’t use plastic for carry out. And, when we get to Piney Branch
Elementary School we’re joining the fight against styrofoam. We’ve also
started a family bike and adventure club for our children.”

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  1. My resolution is to spread the word about how environmentalists talk about America’s land, water and air, but their movement has become mostly about expanding regulatory power over the American way of life…
    In their success, environmentalists have gone too far, destroying the once-healthy balance between economic and environmental needs. Their agenda is now about stifling economic development and ham-stringing American free enterprise and the prosperity it creates.
    Read the Examiner special report out yeaterday about Big Green environmentalism as a dominant special interest power within the Democratic Party, and how it uses its power to advance its agenda, usually at the expense of the productive sector of the economy.
    BTW: Yes, I recycle and drive a very small car.

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