Why do we need the arts?

by Julie Wiatt

j_P78KatieGallagher.JPG.jpgKatie Gallagher: ” I think we need art because even though it’s always changing and evolving it’s still what inspires people to hone in on their own imagination, their creative expression. Even technology comes from first being creative.”

j48NancyM.jpgNancy M: “How can we live without it?”

j4_swing.jpgKian Beer: “It’s fun and cool.”

j65Q_CarolynBelefski.jpgCarolyn Belefski: “We need art because people need creativity to stay motivated and create new ideas.”

j40PhilippeCarr.jpgPhilippe Carr: “The arts are a necessity. It enriches, cultivates, and grows our brains and our hearts. It’s nearly as vital as the air we breathe and the food we eat.”

j33giving a hand.jpgMarianne Ross: The arts give us verification that we’re human, except they do have elephants that paint.”

j42SuzanneEmerson.jpgSuzanne Emerson: “Art is a form of education in a non-traditional way. Most education instills knowledge into people, but art brings knowledge out of them.”

j_P81DavidRoss.jpgDavid Ross: “Because people need an uncensored and creative perspective on things. It gives everybody a voice.”

j51JayMarx.jpgJay Marx: “Isn’t the arts what it’s all about? Otherwise nothing makes sense.”

j45Nadine_MarianneRoss_ThomasBeer.jpgNadine Bloch: “As political activists we like to include art in what we do because it’s the ultimate way to fight corporate homogenization.”

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Julie Wiatt
Julie Wiatt moved to Takoma Park with husband “Coach G” Weinstein and son Zak during cicada season May 1987. They (Julie, G and Zak, not the cicadas) were part of a migratory pattern from an Adams Morgan group house. Before coming to this area she was a wanderer, taking photos in St Croix, working on a community newspaper in East Boston, tracking bats in Panama, studying biology and art in New York City. Julie loves the Voice, considering it a wonderful way to know and celebrate Takoma Park and Silver Spring.