Takoma Park native turned stunt woman

by Sandy Moore

Former Takoma Park native and Lumina stage fighter Julianna Allen graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Psychology and Drama, along with some bruises earned on stage. That’s because Julianna, 23, choreographed fights for the college theatre, including one that became the subject of her senior thesis.  Now a year out of college, Julianna moved to Los Angeles in the fall of ’09 and is training to be a stuntwoman. She says proudly, “One of the most dangerous stunts I’ve done is being set on fire and jumping off a platform 40 feet from the ground.  It’s all about managing risks and knowing exactly where your body is in the air.”

Who knew when she signed up to fight as a 10-year old that this might be her life’s work?  Said her dad, Takoma Park resident Ken Allen: “It’s exciting and terrifying to be the parent of a stuntwoman.  When I see her jump out of burning buildings, I think: “Somebody has to do it–but couldn’t it be somebody else’s daughter?”


Former Takoma Park resident Julianna Allen, is shown here “racheting”, a skill she learned as part of her stuntwoman training in Los Angeles.

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