Teens should have stayed home and play Grand Theft Auto

by Julie Wiatt

On June 22, 2010, according to police reports, two Beltsville teens, 16 and 17, sped through Takoma Park in a stolen vehicle, running two red lights to get away from police. They lost control of the car, bouncing off curbs on Carroll Avenue, hitting bushes, trees, and a light pole, collided with two cars parked at Victory Towers, and ended up on top of a third parked vehicle.

The passenger sustained life-threatening injuries. The driver fled. After a chase by local police groups including two K9 units, and a helicopter, the driver was arrested.

Takoma Park Police Chief Ricucci thanked all involved in the apprehension, including city residents who called in as the suspect ran by their houses and through their yards. 


photo by Emily Van Loon
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