Dinah, blow your horn!

Mrs. Prensky turns 100

 webDinahRochefsky Prensky.jpgIt’s easy to see where Takoma Park’s Hank Prensky, the former City Council member and longtime activist, gets his irrepressible nature. This past year his Brooklyn-born mother, Dinah Rochefsky Prensky, reluctantly moved into a nursing home after undergoing surgery on her legs to remove blood clots. Six weeks later, walking again, she went back to her Silver Spring apartment. At the time she was 99 years old.

“Not many people walk out of a nursing home at that age,” Hank says.
For his mom’s centennial birthday, on October 11, he is throwing a bash with music and friends. Will she get up and dance? “She might not do a jig, but nobody is going to believe she’s 100,” he says. “And don’t let her start a game of Scrabble. She always beats my ass in Scrabble. She is sharp as ever.”

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  1. Great to read about her – congratulations!

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