Eye S’mores

A fish made out of bottlecaps on someone's lawn.Legendary bottle cap snakehead fish prowls Willow Avenue in search of lawn jockey and garden gnome prey. Photo by Rachel Horesovsky.

Pink plastic flamingos on a lawn.

It’s not like we’re an arty crowd. All day in a wonky job, personalities in check for fear of being outed for having opinions, a person can be excused for daydreaming during PowerPoint presentations, of doodling sidewalk mosaic designs or the schematic for a really bitching totem pole for the side yard. Our creativity cannot help but creep through our button-down façade like honeysuckle through a chain link fence.

Or maybe it’s just our oozy bleeding hearts and consumptive compassion conditions that refuse to let a playground hobby horse sit forlorn in a dumpster. Maybe flights of fancy just comes easier here, what with the real pioneers of goofy lawn art having long ago blazed a trail with mermaids and life-size rhinos, sitting matter-of-factly in front yards. “What are you looking at,” the human child in the kangaroo pouch asks as we stroll by. Our non-car culture helps as well, as a strategically placed pig in a tree or broken mirror chandelier makes the sweaty walk home from the Metro memorable. Magical, really. Makes flamingos seem tame in comparison. Makes us wonder how it would look if we covered our entire porch in vintage soda bottle caps.

Mosaics along the sidewalk.

Take that, corporate America!

And yet it’s not for everyone, as the neighborhood list serve lights up with a heated debate on whether or not the Airstream trailer parked in the yard is an eyesore or art. Then some anonymous neighbor, someone new, probably, calls the Police Department to have it towed. Others form a committee to have the vintage aluminum cocoon incorporated into the Historic District, but too late, because one night it quietly disappears.

And then the back yard discussion changes; “Who are those people who complain about such things? Don’t they know where they moved? Do they think this is Bethesda, for goodness sake?” And we shudder to think of those poor people with their hopelessly manicured lawns, picked leaf-blower clean of all traces of nature and charm.

And then we wonder, “Where can I get an Airstream trailer?”

A painted trailer with groovy symbols.

What dreams are made of.


Photos by Rachel Horesovsky.

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