Farewell, Harry

Harry Potter

Midnight, July 14 not just another trip to the Majestic for Harry Potter fans of a certain age.  Missing the event was unthinkable.  They grew up on the books and movie series that followed.  Coordinating costumes via text and e-mail, many arrived early to see and be seen.  They were jazzed.

But the excitement was tinged with sadness.

“It’s like the end of our childhood,” said 15 year-old Heidi Peterson.

“Or like  losing a best friend,” said her pal, Melissa Whitaker, 17.

“It was the first book I read on my own, and now it’s coming to and end,” said Yasmin Wamala. “It’s been a huge part of our lives.”

See a photo gallery by Rachel Horesovsky at http://voice.smugmug.com/Children/Goodbye-Harry-Potter or watch the slideshow below.

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Sandy Moore, the Kids' Voice columnist, writes for young readers and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Sandy is also a past contributor to Washington Parent magazine, a Board member of Lumina Studio Theatre, and resident of Silver Spring.