COMMUNITY: Who wants Community Radio for Takoma Park? We do!

1940s family listening to radio
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is giving away airwaves, and Takoma Park could get Low Power FM.

Imagine being able to turn on the radio and hear your neighbors, your teens, your seniors, yourselves. The window of opportunity is just opening; these are exciting times!

A community radio station for Takoma Park would feature live music by local talent, local deejays playing music from around the world, people we know talking about issues of local importance, breaking local news.

Existing 501c-3 organizations are needed as partners. Volunteers are needed to work with non-profits and help raise money and awareness about LPFM for Takoma Park  We have one sponsor willing to give $1000 if we can get $1000 in smaller donations. Volunteers are also needed to help complete the FCC applications.

We are meeting on Tuesday Sept 13. For information, contact Marika Partridge, 301-891-2222. To learn more about what’s happening right now with community radio across America, see Prometheus Radio Project.