Final Election Results

meeting startsThe special meeting starts.


Dear Readers,

SUMMARY: Tim Male, Kay Daniels-Cohen, Fred Schultz, and Terry Seamens are the certified winners of the four contested Takoma Park city council election contests. The provisional and questionable ballots that might have swung the two extremely close races in Wards 2 and 6 actually widened the winner’s leads. It was not widely known until the results were read that Ward 4 was also contested. Challenger Eric Mendoza was officially registered with the city clerk as a write-in candidate.

The official, certified results are:

Ward 2: Tim Male : 351, Lorig Charkoudian: 343

Ward 3: Kay Daniels-Cohen: 290, Mike Graul: 90, Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum, 67

Ward 6: incumbent Fred Schultz: 134, Barrie Howard: 111

Ward 4: incumbent Terry Seamens: 195, write-in candidate Eric Mendoza: 4

Elected in the uncontested races were: incumbent Mayor Bruce Williams: 1,660, Ward 1 candidate-elect Seth Grimes: 247, Ward 5 incumbent councilmember Reuben Snipper: 75

The live coverage of the election certification special city council meeting Nov. 9 follows.

– Gilbert

Nov. 9, 7:27 pm: Granolapark will be reporting the official, certified Takoma Park city election results LIVE. Keep your browser tuned here. Refresh often!

special meeting

Politicians mill and buzz around. From left to right: Ward 4 councilmember Terry Seamens, Ward 2 councilmember-elect Tim Male, Mayor Bruce Williams, outgoing councilmembers Josh Wright (Ward 1) and Dan Robinson (Ward 3) in front of him, Ward 6 incumbent Fred Schultz in tan jacket, and Ward 5 incumbent Reubin Snipper.

7:33 pm: An inside source tells us that Schultz and Male are still the winners in the official count. In fact, their leads have increased!

Of course, if this goes to the Supreme Court it could drag on for months!

7:41 pm: A late start. The special council meeting was supposed to start at 7:30. Another delay?

Ah, Anne Sergeant the head election judge and Jessie Carpenter, City Clerk, just walked in.

Council taking their seats.


The audience waits eagerly.

meeting starts

The special meeting starts.

7:44 pm: No agenda, no roll call, straight to the business at hand. A little confusion as to who actually certifies the vote. The mayor asks “Do we do it? Do you (Anne Sergeant) do it?” Somebody said the city clerk does it.

7:48 pm: earlier results confirmed: Schultz, Male, and Daniels-Cohen are all winners.

Ward 2: Tim Male : 351, Lorig Charkoudian: 343

Ward 3: Kay Daniels-Cohen: 290, Mike Graul: 90, Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum, 67

Ward 6: Fred Schultz: 134, Barrie Howard: 111

Councilmember Josh Wright asks what if anything triggers a recount. City Clerk says there’s no official trigger, but if someone asked for one, the city would accommodate.

Not that anyone has asked for a recount, Wright hastens to add.

Write-ins include the usual cartoon characters, says Sergeant.

7:55 pm: Sergeant says elections went smoothly – as far as the volunteer election judges were concerned.

The usual angst about how few voters there were, less than 2000.

And now the council has to thank everybody. It’s the politician thing to do.

And in turn Sergeant has to thank the city clerk and the Scantegrity team.

Your Gilbert would like to thank  the council, the staff, the voters, everyone’s mothers, . . .

8:01 pm: A pause in the thankfulness for a long explanation about why there was reluctance to report the results last night. In short – it wasn’t perfect. There was a problem with the voter list from the county Board of Elections which caused a discrepancy. Numbers didn’t match up, and the election judges were highly reluctant to go public with them. It was cleared up today – after some “confusion” for candidates and their supporters. “We regret that,” says city clerk Jessie Carpenter.

8:06 pm: oh, gawd. We’re back to thanking people again! Why don’t they allow drinking in here? It’s like being lost on the desert with a herd of talkative camels. Very polite camels.

8:07 pm: moving on to congratulating everyone. Voters, winning candidates, losing candidates, their dogs, their dogs’ fleas, . . . zzzzzzz!


A relieved re-elected councilmember Fred Schultz


Councilmember-elect Tim Male (in light blue shirt) shakes hand with campaign worker amidst general hub-bub of congratulations and politician-talk.


Ward 3 councilmember-elect Kay Daniels-Cohen is congratulated by a supporter.


Defeated Ward 3 candidate and good sport Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum schmoozing.

people milling

General milling about. In the center, left to right: Mayor Bruce Williams, councilmember Fred Schultz, city manager Barbara Matthews, and councilmember-elect Kay Daniels-Cohen share a laugh.

Williams and Daniels-Cohen

Mayor Bruce Williams begins to orient councilmember-elect Kay Daniels-Cohen. "First rule - when at the council dais, make sure your mike is off before you open a bag of potato-chips!

Mayor, Male, and Matthews
Mayor, Male, and Matthews. Mayor Bruce Williams and city manager Barbara Matthews set  councilmember-elect Tim Male straight. “No, Councilmember, the position does NOT come with a car, office and secretarial staff!”


8:26 pm: Sorry, we fell asleep. It’s over, they’ve gone, it’s just the city workers rolling the council desk into the magic back-stage cabinet. They schoomzed a while after the meeting – more thanking and congratulating. Ick.

What they should be doing is lining up the councilmember-elects and whipping them into shape. Squat thrusts! Marching! Learning the ropes! Wiping those airy-fairy campaign promises out of their brains. Maggot! Hup, two, three . . . !!

There must be a bar open somewhere.

– Gilbert

council dais

Some of those name tags are about to change. Doesn't it bring tears to your eyes? Ours neither.

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Gilbert is the pseudonym of a hard-bitten, hard-drinking, long-time Takoma Park resident who maintains the granolapark blog. Gilbert and William L. Brown — Granola Park's mild-mannered chief of staff, researcher, and drink pourer — have never been seen in the same place at the same time.

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  1. Eric. Mendoza | November 18, 2011 at 12:17 am |

    That’s a good way to put not widely known, that’s not for here our there to talk about at this time maybe one day in a book, I was happy last election some of my ideas an programs are know up an running * even If I wasn’t invole our get any credit for it, when I ran two years ago:
    I came across a group of kids at Takoma Park Jr High School skateboarding jumping of stairs doing crazy tricks so walk up to them an ask them if you could have anything in Tha Great City OF TAKOMA what would that be all there answer was a skate park ( fast forward two years later I see the same group of kids on maple they was thanking me Even tho I was happy to see them an happy that there was a skate park being build I was upset that they were hanging out on maple ave cause they where from old town Takoma an they said it’s cool to hang out here)
    Came across a group of young kids an ask te same question there answer was a studio an a basketball court ( alot of tenants ask why wasn’t a gym build instead that was a question that came up alot on my campaign)
    This election i really didn’t hear to much about any of the canidates talk about the youth it was like more about a budget our speed cameras our seven day hospital , This election I focus more on the tax payers condo owners rent payers I was getting the same response on there price rate of living an the group of kids outside so even if only one, two , three, four that is progress an in two years the youth will be able to vote** I been doing this for the last 10yrs councilmen our not I still be that person who picks up trash from the streets when everyone is in bed sleep talking to youth, talking to the store owners the elders helping them , an most important the single parents.
    An hats off to Jeffrey Noel Nosbaum remind me of my first election just keep up the good work an stay strong in ward 3 our time is coming.
    An special Thanks to Carmen Lam you do so much for the youth of maple.
    Ps: Gilbert I have seen everything you have wrote about me since 09 some good things an some very bad things but I must say you write some good articles .
    Eric. Mendoza
    7600 Maple Ave
    V v. Ward 4

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