Howard still hopefull

Barry HowardWard 6 candidate Barry Howard.


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Nov. 9: Takoma Park’s Ward 6 challenger says he may yet win. Though incumbent Fred Schultz was provisionally named that ward’s winner in last night’s election ballot count, there are still 21 provisional ballots and “a small number of scanned ballot images,” according to the city’s website statement, that need to be resolved.

Barrie Howard, the challenger, says on his campaign blog that the provisional votes were cast by people who haven’t voted in local elections before, and addresses must be verified. Howard says “My first leg of the campaign trail was focused on registering new voters, and its likely some of my supporters will show up in the provisional ballots.”

Although the city has not released Howard’s vote count, it has released Shultz’s – 129. So, the total vote must have been less than 257  – a relatively small number of votes . If the vote was close, which appears to be the case, a few votes could change the outcome.


Charkoudian supporter

A young campaigner at the polls, Nov. 8, 2011.

Meanwhile, over in Ward 2 silence has fallen over the battlefield. Candidate Lorig Charkoudian states on her Facebook site that her opponent Tim Male is the provisional winner. She says to her followers, “Thanks to everyone for all your support! I look forward to working with Tim and our amazing community to make Takoma Park the best it can be! ” The candidate does not mention a potential reversal from those provisional ballots from the candidate. But, one of her supporters posted a comment about it on Charkoudian’s page, “The Gazette is reporting that provisional ballots are going to make a difference in one of the Takoma Park hotly contested races. Any chance it is Ward 2?”

Since there were over 600 votes cast in Ward 2, it seems unlikely that such a small number of ballots would make a difference. Keep in mind that those provisional and questionable ballots are likely from all six wards. However, the Ward 2 race WAS very close.

We’ll find out this evening!

– Gilbert


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  1. The city’s facebook page released the numbers for both candidate’s earlier today. It’s unclear whether that includes provisional ballots.

    2011 City Election
    Ward 6 Race

    Barrie Howard – 109 Votes
    Fred Schultz – 129 Votes

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