PHOTOS: Eaglebear at Takoma Park Library


Eaglebear (Tomas Shash) and Friends visited the Takoma Park Library on Monday, November 14. Eaglebear, his son Itsa, and their friend Mariana Harvey shared Native American culture with about 50 people in the Children’s Room. Eaglebear and Itsa are members of the Apache Nation and Mariana Harvey is a member of the Yakima Nation. The hour-long session of stories and dance began with a song honoring the Native Americans’ ancestors.

Eaglebear shared Native American stories of how the bear got his short tail (it was badly burnt by the sun while hanging out of the bear’s cave) and how the fox got his red fur (dancing too close to the fire), using real bear and fox skins to give the stories life. Mariana and Itsa explained their Native American regalia, and each performed a traditional dance. The “Crow Hop,” performed by Itsa, was originally inspired by crows going about their business in nature. Mariana’s traditional women’s dance honored the four compass points: North, South, East and West.

After the traditional dances, the audience was invited to participate in the “Bunny Dance,” which told the story of a little bunny trying to get home, and the “Friendship Dance,” meant to welcome newcomers. Eaglebear finished the session with another song to honor the ancestors.

—Marcy Hairston

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