Q: What gift would you like to receive? To give?


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Jim Dougherty (with Seneca): “What I’d like to give is peace and calm to my grandchildren and my children, and knowledge and wisdom. What I’d like to receive is: I’d like to see them succeed at that.”

Ed Levy: “In both cases, travel with my wife. And we’re planning to take a trip next year to places we haven’t been.

William Laster: “Happiness.”   Asherah Wilowe: “Love.”   James Ross: “Peace.”

 Eli Ripken: “I’d like to give Legos and I’d like to get Legos. Another thing I want is a great new year.”

Lisa Ripken: “Of all the things I have here, I’d give the gift of love and time. I’d like to get the same — joy, time, fun, laughter, love. At the final hour on Christmas Eve, I get together my donations for Children’s Hospital. It’s a pleasurable thing for me. It’s when I feel the most peace.”

Qadeera Adhyaya: “What would I like to get? Nothing physical . . . connecting with community. What I’d like to give is compassion.”

Hannah Dougherty:“I’m hoping to not get anything because we just bought a new house. Well, maybe I’d like a new kitchen. A gift I’ll enjoy giving is we’re making baked goods for the crossing guards.”

Caio Dougherty:“A train. A real train. A Wabash Cannonball. And I’d give Santa a hug.”

 What would you like to give and receive? Leave your answer below.

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  1. After all the misery Pepco has caused me, I’d like them to be smacked with a million dollar fine.
    What’s that???!!!
    Thank you Santa, and thank you PSC, you are the greatest!

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