BIZ BUZZ: The beer is near! 3 Stars Brewing Co. sets up shop in Takoma D.C.

Developing the brews

The key factor to 3 Stars’ success, and the area in which the two always work together, is recipe development.

“Once we decided maybe we will open a brewery, one of the things that was really important was recipe development,” said Coleman. “So we started working out a pretty intense recipe development program—where most breweries brew one beer in a day, we were brewing five in day.”

“My real interest is in the brewing process,” said McGarvey. “It really kind of fascinated me that you can have such an influence on the same raw materials, just based on your process and how you work, and come up with a completely different tasting beer.”

Grain for brewing. Photo by Jesse Allen

Where beer begins. Photo by Jesse Allen.

The brewers’ goal was to guarantee themselves that they would be the type of brewery they want to be, producing the kind of beer that “blows your mind mind when you drink it,” as Coleman put it.

Both brewers are most excited about one particular beer that they said was a game changer from the start: An imperial breakfast porter they dubbed “The Pandemic.”

“It’s no coincidence that it’s both of our favorites,” said McGarvey. “That was the beer that when we put that together and tested it, that was the moment we realized we could be successful at this; That it was different enough from what we were seeing out in the market, but it was good enough to measure up against the breweries we consider to be the best out there.”

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