Mardi Gras pub crawl: the good times roll in Takoma Park


Songbird Jennifer Cutting, resplendent in pink mask and feathers, led her merry band of revelers on a musical drinking tour on “Fat Tuesday,” February 21. Hot spots included Capital City Cheesecake, Cedar Crossings, Roscoe’s Pizzeria, and the Olive Lounge. Voice photographer Mark Podger captured some of the good times rolling.

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  1. Mark, thanks for the fantastic photo documentation of this year’s Takoma Mardi Gras Pub Crawl. You really captured the atmo of the celebration! (If this event gets any more successful, I don’t know where the bars are going to put all the people… and that’s a great problem for Takoma businesses to have!) I particularly love your shot of the man who is lifting up his shirt hoping to get some beads! (Everything is reversed in Takoma Park!) And your photo of the Olive’s bar manager Silas Brigham crowned as Mardi Gras King is truly awesome! Thanks again for coming out with your camera!

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