ART HOP: A conversation with Alison Baker

On Saturday and Sunday, March 24  and 25, Art Hop will once again transform Old Takoma’s main street (Carroll Avenue) into a neighborhood arts district. Free to the public, the event will showcase a variety of art including photography, jewelry and wearable art, sculpture, installations, and mixed media works in more than 30 businesses.

In anticipation of the event, the Voice will be publishing excerpts from the ArtHop blog over the next week. We begin with a conversation with Takoma Park painter Alison Baker.


Where do you find inspiration?

Color and traveling.  Couldn’t do without either.  Also, odd pieces of wonderful art catch me, such as the yellow rectangle in Hans Hoffmann’s “The Golden Wall” or a single rooftop in Gabrielle Munter’s fauvist landscapes or Vuillard’s red ear in “The Newspaper.”

Other than yourself, who is your all-time favorite artist?

I am not my favorite  artist by any means! Well, my husband, Jim (Jim Colwell another Art Hop artist), has to be my favorite, followed by the above (Vuillard, Munter — also Gauguin and Derain).

What is your favorite thing to do in Old Takoma?

Walk around downtown for any mundane chore: a trip to the hardware store; the post office; catching a meal at one of TP’s tasty dives when we are too tired to cook; looking at the sunset over the bank (across from CVS), the best location for a panoramic view.

What is the one art tool you could not live without.


Do you listen to music when making your art?

All of the time: jump blues to get active, classical to concentrate, zydeco, Diana Krall, Etta James ….

Alison’s work can be seen at Trohv (232 Carroll Street, Takoma DC) during Art Hop. She has been busy making boxes for keys which she will show in addition to her paintings. To learn more about ArtHop, visit

To learn more about Alison Baker, visit