GRANOLAPARK: Police chief Ricucci to retire


Dear Readers,

Takoma Park Police chief Ronald Ricucci announced he will be leaving his position in July.

According to a March 27 police press release, Ricucci, who has been chief for five years, will retire to Land O’ Lakes, Florida. The release says the city will conduct a national executive search to find a new chief.

The police also released the following message from chief Ricucci to Takoma Park residents.

Dear Takoma Park Residents:

After 42 plus years in policing and 15 years as a Police Chief, I have decided that I will retire effective July 30, 2012. I have informed the City Manager of my intentions. A National executive search is underway to find my replacement. The last five plus years have been very rewarding for me to be your Police Chief. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and working with you to make our community safer. We were given a set of goals upon my swearing in five years ago, which I believe we have accomplished.

Our Department has undergone many changes, which I believe have been positive and better serve the community. In my remaining four months, I hope to have a chance to say goodbye. Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving this community.

Chief Ronald A. Ricucci

Ricucci has enjoyed frequent praise from the city council over the last five years for improving the morale and performance of the city’s small police force. He dutifully accommodated the city’s sometimes quirky laws and sensibilities in favor of undocumented immigrants and civil rights.

– Gilbert

Featured photo by Julie Wiatt.

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