KIDS: Local cats get decorator boxes as a spring surprise

TakomaPlays! decorates cat condosEddie, 4, dressed as Superman and Batman, places foam stickers on his cat box.

TakomaPlays! decorated cat condos April 2 at Big Bad Woof from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Founder Pat Rumbaugh helped five young children decorate cardboard cat houses using markers, magazine clippings, crayons and foam stickers.

Co-owner Julie Paez came up with the idea when Rumbaugh entered the store with her black lab, Abby. As they chatted, they noticed the cardboard houses for cats to play in could use something extra. “We were looking at the plain cat boxes and Julie said ‘Pat, why don’t you bring your gang to decorate?’” Less than a week later, director Mary Hanisco, treasurer Sarah Corcoran, Sandy Littlejohn and Becca Patti joined Rumbaugh for a half-hour of arts and crafts, bringing the kids along with them. The boxes will be on display in the Big Bad Woof window.

TakomaPlays! received funds from the city’s small community grant program; this money will be used toward the group’s goal of at least 12 spring and summer events. The carved log park bench by Jim Calder will be installed at Belle Ziegler Park, and TakomaPlays! is holding a ceremony April 22 from 1 to 2 p.m.

They are also working on closing several streets for two-hour blocks May 19 to encourage children to play outside. Additionally, a booklet detailing playgrounds and parks in the area is in the works.

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  1. Thank you for covering the Decorating of Cat boxes with Takoma Plays and The Big Bad Woof. We all had a blast. The event was from 10-11:30, instead of 11-11:30. Can you send me the kink to the article? Have a playful day.

    The Play Lady

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