EDITOR’S VOICE: The Voice of the future


This year marks a quarter century of the Voice. For the past 25 years, this has been an independent monthly tabloid, dedicated to covering the community life of our hometown. It has been a labor of love, sweat and tears.

The boom in household computing in the late 1980s made this publication possible: the first issue of the Voice was the product of a Macintosh Classic computer, the PageMaker layout program and a LaserWriter printer. Now innovations on the Internet have forced every publication, including the Voice, to alter course as the means of production continue to proliferate. This is an era of heartbreak and exhilaration for ink-stained editors as we venture further into digital waters.

In typical Takoma Park/Silver Spring fashion, we have chosen a hybrid craft for the future Voice: less in print, more on line. Beginning with the March (Spring) edition, the Voice will be printed quarterly, with an extra yearly preview in January. With each print edition, we hope to capture the best of our community, with articles that celebrate extraordinary neighbors or take a deeper look at issues that deserve more than a “Tweet.” Meanwhile, we will be covering more people, events and issues than ever before on our website: tpssvoice.com.

Throughout fall 2011 and winter 2012, we have put much of our energy into revamping our online publication to better inform and delight our readers while retaining the hometown spirit that invigorates the Voice and sets it apart from generic publications. We are now looking at ways to make the Voice more accessible to phone and tablet readers.

Evaluating the past and the future of the Voice on this cusp, I am reminded of the community resources that have kept the Voice running. I can’t help but invoke award recipients who stammer as they endeavor to quickly thank every person who has gotten them to the dais. Twenty-five years of the Voice have been brought to you courtesy of thousands of supporters who have contributed time, talent and money — month after month. To list the volunteers, advertisers and other contributors would result in countless omissions. With that in mind, let me simply express my sincere thanks to each one of you (you know who you are!).

Our staff remains quite small. We are just a crew of your neighbors working together to create a publication as unique as Takoma Park and Silver Spring. As we continue to explore the possibilities of online community journalism, we welcome contributions and feedback from you. Please send your thoughts to info@tpssvoice.com.

If you would like to receive the Voice more often than every quarter, please consider signing up for our new weekly e-voice.

On Saturday, April 21, we will be holding a celebration and fundraiser at Capital City Cheesecake in Takoma Park. It will an opportunity to pause in our experiment in community journalism and connect with our neighbors, readers, contributors, and supporters. Please do come if you are able.

About the Author

Eric Bond
Eric Bond is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Voice.