COMMUNITY: Second Annual Taste the World in Fenton Village – It’s a Wrap!


The Second Annual Taste the World in Fenton Village community event was a success for all concerned. The 24 Fenton Village restaurants (in the area between Georgia Avenue and Fenton Street and between Wayne Avenue and 410) nearly all saw an increase in customers.

The fish tank at Piratz Tavern with (naturally) a sunken pirate ship, skull, and buried treasure

In addition, the event’s ‘pub crawl’ format encouraged diners to visit the restaurants’ actual sites making return visits easier and more likely. The customers took a ‘trip around the world’ to sample food from India to Ethiopia to Greece to Cameroon, with many other stops along the way.

We have lived in Silver Spring for more than 25 years, but still discovered such gems as Ghar-E-Kabob serving Nepali food on Wayne Avenue, Piratz Tavern (Arrgh!) on Georgia Avenue serving delicious food and pirate shtick, and Roger Miller Restaurant serving West African cuisine on Bonifant.

Serving up great food at Ghar-E-Kabob on Wayne Avenue

Many of the featured restaurants are on blocks that we are more likely to drive, rather than walk, through. These eateries, most often operated by immigrant entrepreneurs, offer much more authentic, affordable, and delicious options than those found at the chain restaurants in the redeveloped Silver Spring.

This event was organized by the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board whose monthly meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Monday in the Silver Spring Civic Building.

Jessica Fusillo left and Mary Murphy right, main organizers of the event for the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board, flanking Kathy Stevens, Board Chair.

Featured photo by Ed Kimmel; all others by Ed Levy.

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