ARTS: DanceAfrica celebrates 25 years


This weekend celebrates the dance and music of the African Diaspora at Dance Place in nearby Brookland. The celebration, which is estimated to draw up to 3,000 people, consists of master classes, a market place and indoor performances.

For a quarter of a century, Dance Place has hosted DanceAfrica at its performance space and studio in northeast D.C. In the mid 1980s, Dance Place founder Carla Perlo witnessed an African dance celebration in New York City and decided to bring a similar event to Washington D.C., which is home to many renowned African dance companies as well as celebrated African dancer Chuck Davis, who partnered with Perlo.

DanceAfrica, DC 2011

DanceAfrica, DC, 2011. Photo by Enoch Chan.

“People have grown up through this festival…they started drumming or dancing [and they] go on to a dance company or become a teacher,” said Carolyn Kamrath, director of press and marketing at Dance Place.

For more information about Dance Africa, visit Dance Place.

Banner photo: Baba Chuck Davis with Coyaba Dance Theater at DanceAfrica, DC, 2011. Photo by Enoch Chan.

VIDEO: DanceAfrica 2007

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