Detours and delays

CarrollCarroll Ave. street closure for Washington Gas repair work, Oct. 11.

Drivers take note! You will find detours and delays this week in Takoma Park.

A major traffic artery was blocked west-bound in Old Town Takoma Thurday, Oct 11. Neighboring streets are being torn up and resurfaced in parts of Ward 1 the rest of the week, possibly longer.

Willow resurfacing

Washington Gas contractors resurfacing Willow Ave., Oct. 11.

A gas line was being repaired on Carroll Ave. Thursday. In unrelated work Washington Gas is also resurfacing streets it recently dug up for gas-line work. The resurfacing began Oct. 1. It was scheduled to continue through Oct. 12, though there were delays this week.

Streets to be repaired must first be “milled,” the surface ground down to a rough corduroy texture prior to paving. Then they are re-paved. Traffic may be slowed or detoured depending what sort of work is being done. Drivers are advised to go slow on milled roads. They can be dangerous for bicycles and two-wheeled vehicles.

Tulip Milling

Milled surface of Tulip Ave.

Tulip Avenue and cross streets Willow and Spruce Ave. were milled last week, and scheduled to be paved Oct. 8 and 9. Rain, however, postponed the work. Willow was closed and in the process of being tarred Thursday, Oct. 11.

No Parking

No Parking on Willow during resurfacing Oct. 11.

Maple Avenue, on the other hand, was resurfaced ahead of schedule between Eastern and Philadelphia Avenues.

Scheduled for resurfacing are: Willow, Spruce, Valley View, and Maple Avenues.


Slow for resurfacing work at corner of Willow and Tulip, Takoma Park, MD, Oct. 11.