Wasn’t that a mighty storm?

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30. Takoma Park took a few hits from Hurricane Sandy, but not as many, or as damaging, as expected.

Takoma Park Police report that all city traffic lights are functioning normally. They’ve had reports of 4 trees down, 2 of them on Glenside Drive in Ward 6. The other two trees were down in people’s yards, they said.

Borum 3

Dennis Borum inspects damage to his house and his neighbor’s house and cars.

Three roofs were damaged  when the large tree next to Dennis Borum’s Glenside Dr. house was blown down by hurricane winds. It struck the corner of his neighbor’s house, then the neighbor’s addition. It ricocheted intoBorum’s dogwood tree, which it knocked down, and with the fforce of the larger tree behind it, smashed it into the corner of Borum’s house. The neighbor’s two cars were also damaged, and power was knocked out to 4 homes. PEPCO strung warning tape to keep people away from downed wires.


Dennis Borum inspecting trees felled by Hurricane Sandy, and damage to his and his neighbors properties at 7404 and 7406 Glenside Drive.

Monday night, Borum said, he was expecting the power to go out as it often does during big storms. His power stayed on  later than anticipated, however, until he heard a loud “boom” as his tree toppled, torqued and fell into his neighbor’s house, then his.

car damage

Cars damaged by falling tree at 7404 Glenside Drive.

Within a couple of blocks another tree on Glenside was blown to the ground, This one narrowly missed a direct hit on any houses. It did, however, fall against wires.


Tree felled by hurricane winds at corner of Glenside Drive and Haverford Road.


Fallen tree at corner of Glenside Dr. and Haverford Rd. fortunately missed directly hitting neither the house nor the decorated-for-Hallowe’en tree-house.

Glenside & Haverford

Wires entangled in fallen tree limbs at corner of Glenside Drive and Haverford Rd.

Other than Glenside, which is now clear of tree debris, the only blocked street is Sligo Creek Parkway, which was closed due too rising water.  City police are monitoring road, creek and stream valleys, and low areas for flooding, and are working closely with Public Works, they say. Sligo Creek is high, but as of noon it was not overflowing its banks.

Sligo Creek Bridge

Sligo Creek Parkway is blocked (in the background), but the path, bridge, and road were being used by pedestrians and dog-walkers.

Sigo Creek

Sligo Creek Tuesday morning, Oct. 30.

There were power outages Monday night throughout the city affecting at least 1150 PEPCO customers, according to PEPCO. According to PEPCO’s online Outage Map and to some of the affected residents, power loss hit mainly parts of Wards 3 and 2. Areas included Allegheny, Cockerille, Gude, Hickory, Poplar, Flower near Sligo Creek Parkway, Mississippi, and Greenwood Avenues. Some if not most of those areas have had power restored.

Metro reports that it will resume both rail and bus service  2 PM today, October 30. It will operate on a Sunday schedule. Regular service will be resumed on Wednesday.

Takoma Park residents should report any downed tree in the right of way to the Police Dispatch, non-emergency 301-270-1100, says acting city manager Suzanne Ludlow in a public announcement. The city, she says, has a tree clearing contractor on stand by to remove fallen trees. The announcement cautions that they can only remove the tree once electrical lines are taken care of by PEPCO.

Public Works has had staff available on a 24 hour basis since Monday and will continue through Tuesday, Takoma Park Public Works director Daryl Braithwaite reports. They have crews monitoring stormwater drains throughout the City. If residents notice a clogged drain or inlet, they can call Public Works 301-891-7633 (until 5 pm), or email darylB@takomagov.org to report it and a crew will be dispatched to the area to see what can be done, she says.

Trash and recycling collection is canceled on Tuesday and has been rescheduled for Saturday pick up.

City offices will be closed Tuesday, but the Police Department is always open, accessible from Maple Avenue on the lower level.