Create Tiny Holiday Centerpieces

Create Tiny Holiday Centerpieces
Wednesday, December 12th, 7pm-9:30pm
Heffner Park, 31 Oswego Ave, Takoma Park, MD
Open to the Public, RSVP requested (see below)

The Takoma Hort Club is trying out something new, and we hope you’ll agree it’s a great way to spread the holiday cheer. We will be making festive little holiday arrangements for hospital and assisted-living dwellers using greens, ribbons, interesting items from our gardens (berried branches, pine cones, anything colorful or with interesting texture), carnations, and anything else you can think of that is small and would look nice in a small arrangement. We’ll be using (cleaned!) tuna and cat food cans as the base.

You are welcome to take a finished arrangement home for yourself, but we are asking that the majority you make are for donation. Please bring fresh cuttings from your garden for yourself and others to share, for in this way we will have a much broader selection of items to create from.

Please bring:

Fresh greens, either coniferous or branched
Decorative berries, pine cones, interesting seed pods, etc.
Small holiday-themed ornaments/other decorations
Several clean tuna/cat food/similar cans
Colored foil and/or ribbon
Garden gloves
Hand pruners/similar cutting tool

The club will provide:

Oasis blocks and cans
Greens and carnations
Foil or ribbon to wrap cans
Floral picks to attach to objects such as pine cones
Assistance with your creation!
Towels to clean up!

Please send your RSVP to Becky Lavash at

For more information on the Takoma Horticultural Club, please visit

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