PHOTOS: Roscoe’s hats


Roscoe the rooster is cozy for winter. He’s wearing a jaunty scarf, and he’s surrounded by a choice of lovely, hand-knitted hats, should he need one. The dozen hats are set atop the bollards surrounding the statue of Roscoe, located in Takoma Park’s Old Town at the corner of Carroll and Laurel Avenues. The statue honors Roscoe, Takoma Park’s free-ranging rooster that roamed the block near the Carroll Ave. restaurant that bears his name. If Roscoe were still with us, he’d wish you all a Merry Cockadoodledoo and a Snug New Year.

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3 Comments on "PHOTOS: Roscoe’s hats"

  1. Tom Gagliardo | December 17, 2012 at 9:12 am |

    Merry Christmas to Roscoe and all.

  2. Seeing Roscoe’s scarf last weekend made me absolutely giddy.

  3. Who knitted all those great hats? Was this an art project?

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