GRANOLAPARK: No hot chicks


For a minute, there, Your Gilbert thought Takoma Park was going into the chicken business.

Turns out they meant a different kind of incubator – not the kind for warming up fuzzy, yellow chicks.

So. we went back to sleep. But, before we drifted off, we heard the city council say that the city is going to go halfsies on a feasibility study.

The feasibility they plan to study is whether a “blighted property” would make a good business incubator – once they make it less blighted.

The property is an office building on NH. Ave. It’s a bit south of Poplar. Once upon a time it housed the Takoma Park Post Office – before it moved to its current Laurel Ave. location.

Boomerang building

6530 New Hampshire Ave. in all its blighted glory  is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s local Potomac Conference. The church would take on the other half of the study costs. The church tried to sell it, but have had no luck. In fact, they did sell it once but had to take it back.

8530 New Hampshire Ave., looking north.

6530 New Hampshire Ave., looking north.

A business incubator would help local residents “many of whom are new Americans,” start up businesses, says the staff recommendation. The help comes in the form of low rent, mentoring, seminars, and other forms of support.

The council thought this was a great idea. All but one of the 6 council members present* voted to help fund a study at the Feb. 25 meeting. Ward 5’s Jarrett Smith was the lone “nay” vote. Ward 4’s Terry Seamens was absent. It was the “first reading” of the ordinance. There will be another, and that will be the vote that counts.

– Gilbert

* Kay Daniels-Cohen, still recovering from a hip replacement, attended via phone.

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  1. Steve Davies | March 6, 2013 at 12:40 pm |

    Why did Jarrett Smith vote “nay”?

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