PHOTOS: The first Takoma Porch


It was a street music festival that left the street and climbed onto the porch.

The first Takoma Porch festival featured 38 acts on 20 porches, all within walking distance of each other, Saturday, May 18.

Organizer Mary Ann Ryan says feedback has been positive. The unique festival will likely happen next year, but opinions vary about whether it will be the same size or bigger.

Small and walkable

Ryan says she likes that it was small and walkable, but the Somerville, MA porch festival, which inspired her, is a much larger event lasting six hours and covering many more neighborhoods.

Takoma Porch was 4 hours long, and took place on porches mostly to the south of Old Town and around Takoma Junction: Elm Street, Sycamore Ave., Pine Street, and Walnut, Westmoreland, Tulip, Columbia, and Grant Avenues. The volunteer fire station on Carroll Ave. was also a venue. Fortunately, said Ryan, the morning rain storm stopped in time for the festival, and the rest of the day had pleasant spring weather.

Next Porch

Each porch offered two sets of music starting at 2.:00 pm. A picnic followed at the park on Westmoreland Ave.

Ryan says if the event happens again she would be happy to serve on an organizing committee rather than shoulder all of it herself again.

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