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William Brown
William Brown is the creator of Citizen Bill. He is a illustrator, cartoonist, and Morris dancer living in Takoma Park, Maryland. His work appears in such publications as The New York Times, Slate, the Washington Post, the Progressive, Newsday, and the Washington Times.

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  1. I didn’t have room in the panel for the chorus.

    (to the tune of “Roll Down” by Peter Bellamy)
    And we will mow-oh-oh-down,
    Walk around me brave boys and mow down

    More mowing songs:

    (to the tune of “Rolling Down to Old Maui,” traditional sea chanty)
    It’s a damn tough life full of toil and strife we mower-men undergo
    And we don’t give a damn when the ground is rough or how hard we push to mow.
    We’re homeward bound, ’tis a grand old sound
    And the reels are pushing free
    And we don’t give a damn if we jump the verge,
    And mow down the shrubbery

    Mowin’ down the shrubbery, me boys, mown’ down the shrubbery
    We’re homeward bound, tis a grand old sound,
    Mowin’ down the shrubbery!

    (to the tune of “Rolling Home” by John Tams)
    Round goes the push reel mower
    be not afraid to stride
    There’s air with no pollution
    Upon the other side

    There’ll be wind and sun and bicycles
    You’ll need no gas, just brawn,
    When we go mowing lawns, when we go mowing lawns

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  2. How many times must a man mow the lawn, before he cries out in vain,
    And how many times must a man rake the leaves, before he’s bent o’er in pain,
    And how many times must the gutters be cleaned, before he just goes insane?
    The answer my friend’s a condo-mini-yum,
    The answer’s a condo-mini-yum.

    (Alan resides at Parkside Plaza…)

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