One challenger in Takoma Park elections


After Tuesday night’s nominating caucus meeting, the Takoma Park City Council looks to remain much unchanged with only one contested ward in the upcoming November 5 election.



Hindowa Corneh nominates Ward 4 challenger Eric Mendoza.


With around 40 people present, Mayor Bruce Williams; councilmembers Jarrett Smith of Ward 5; Fred Schultz of Ward 6; Tim Male of Ward 2; Seth Grimes of Ward 1 and Kay Daniels-Cohen of Ward 3 were all nominated with their seats uncontested.

Ward 4

Councilor Terry J. Seamens of Ward 4 is the only one facing an opponent, Eric Mendoza, who has run against Seamens in the past.

Seamens is popular in his ward. Seconding Seamen’s nomination, constituent Pat Loveless described him as a brother, not just a councilmember, and Jerry Cowan talked of Seamens as a humanitarian who took him into his own home when he needed it the most.



Pat Loveless, at rear with red peace-sign placard, seconds Terry Seamens for re-election.


Mendoza had a seconder for his nomination, so unlike the 2011 election, he will qualify to be on the ballot. In 2011 he was a write-in candidate.


Mendoza hopes that Takoma Park’s quirk of allowing 16 and 17 year-olds to vote will get him across the line. Francis Calliste and Hindowa Corneh, who nominated and seconded him, both said that they support Mendoza’s commitment to youth and what Mendoza had done for them.



Eric Mendoza’s nomination seconded by Francis Calliste.


“He was talking about the things that I fought to get, such as the recreation center and the basketball court here on the [community center] side and the improvements to the recreation department that we spent long hours and many months on,” said Seamens after Mendoza’s nomination.

Seamens said that he is happy to see a contested race. However, he was surprised that Mendoza is running on issues that Seamens believes he’s been addressing successfully

No contest

Ward 6’s Fred Schultz said that while he welcomed a slightly easier election that he still plans on campaigning, “It would be cheap not to.”

There were other impassioned nominations: Julie Taddeo, Safe Grow Zone activist, said that Ward 2 councilmember Tim Male taught her how to be a citizen of her community.



Incumbent Ward 4 councilmember Terry Seamen’s nomination seconded.


Jack Cohen, counclimember Daniels-Cohen’s husband, spoke of her tireless work and the activities that happen in their home – something that most people don’t see.

After the nominations, Daniels-Cohen said that she is humbled and thrilled to be nominated again.

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