Solar Nails brighten Takoma Old Town


“By the way, welcome,” a customer said with a smile and newly painted nails.

“Thank you,” said Kathy Dang, store manager of Solar Nails, a salon that is the newest addition to Old Town.

“We feel so excited because a lot of people are coming,” said nail technician and masseuse, Jeneth Rodgriguez.


Residents passing by 7005 Carroll Avenue entered with enquiries and curiosity.

“The area is very nice,” said Rodriguez, “I like it and everybody is so nice and friendly”.

Many of the residents passing by were taking their daily strolls and wanted to get a candid look inside the salon, and others working in the area wanted to introduce themselves.

“Most of the people that live around here are excited about the store and have said that they want to support a local business. The local business owners have also said if we have a brochure to give it to them and they can put it into their stores,” said Dang.


The salon specials for manicures and pedicures hung on the grand opening sign, inviting and informing all bystanders.

“We do gel and acrylic nails, waxing and body waxing, eyebrows, eyelashes, and massages. We are going to do facials but we haven’t set it up yet,” said Dang, “Our focus is on waxing and gel manicures and pedicures.”

Many residents felt that the area had an insufficient amount of nail salons. They wanted a new nail salon in their area.

“The community is very supportive…..I am grateful that we are a local business here,” said Dang.

She transferred to Solar Nails from Washington, where she was a manager. Dang started working in nail salons in 1999.

The weekends are busy on Main Street with people attending the farmers market, a food market that sells local farmers produce.

The weekends generate more cliental and profits for businesses on the strip.


Mercedes Heinandez, Solar Nails technician.

“So far, we have three workers, including myself, four, during the weekday. During the weekend we have six people there’s a farmers market on Sundays and it’s usually very busy,” said Dang.

We picked the colors, brands, and the decorations for the salon. We upgrade on our collections of OPI and Essie, which I like. Now we have Mariah Carey line of OPI,” said Dang.

Dang hopes the salon will be a success and plans to have more employees and customers.

First timer and local resident, Michele Brier, said “I loved it, it was great….hopefully it will be embraced.”

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  1. I went on Sunday and it was wonderful 🙂 so happy they are there. Great service and a lovely atmosphere.

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