GRANOLAPARK: No to Mister Death

Kay Daniels-Cohen, her brother Buddy Daniels and friend having fun. Photo by Julie Wiatt.



Dear Readers,

Death is annoying.

Nothing kills – so to speak – fun like death. Death comes along and – bang – no fun.

When a person is full of fun and death comes along, there’s no more fun. Especially for that person.

Shock, grief, and oblivion are NOT acceptable substitutes for fun. Death is not a viable life-style. Why do we put up with this?

More important, why does our allegedly cutting-edge, progressive, innovative city council put up with it?

They’ve declared the city a nuke-free zone, banned pesticides, and denounced pâté de foie gras.

Are they really more worried about the death of geese than the death of their own constituents or fellow city-councilmembers?

We know recently departed council member Kay Daniels-Cohen would support (with a “yippity-yip!”) our proposal to make Takoma Park a death-free zone!

We’ll show the powers-that-be! Takoma Park won’t stand for this! We demand Kay Daniels-Cohen BACK! Her Ward 3 constituents elected her for a second term, and there is NOTHING more sacred in this city than the democratic process. The voters INSIST she serve her full term, Mister so-called “Death!”

Your Gilbert fully supports this proposal. Otherwise we’d have to write some sappy, sentimental tribute column. We’d rather die.

– Gilbert

PS. City Council Forum with The Voice and the Silver Spring Gazette – Wednesday, March 5, 7:00 p.m.: Reporters from the Gazette and Voice will moderate a discussion with members of the City Council in the Community Center Auditorium. The community is encouraged to attend this discussion about Takoma Park issues, challenges, and opportunities. For additional information, contact Jessie Carpenter at or 301-891-7267.

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