PHOTOS: Bardo’s brews reborn

Pale ale.


“Bardo” is a Tibetan Buddhist word for the intermediate state between death and rebirth. “Bardo” is also the name of an Arlington, VA brewpub that died and was reborn – twice, first as Dr. Dremo, and again recently as Bardo, this time in NE Washington, DC. The new site opened in 2013, but Thursday night the brewpub previewed it’s own brews.

The latest incarnation has the same owners, brothers Bill and Andrew Stewart. Brewpub pioneers in the DC region, they are back for the phenomenal surge in craft-brew popularity. The new site at 1200 Bladensburg Road is within three miles of five other independent breweries or brew-pubs – not counting at least three chain brew-pubs.

Bardo is as edgy as it’s predecessors. Like the others, it is located in a run-down semi-industrial area. The owners have embraced the crumbling environment, doing little to change the site except to turn it into a gritty, surrealistic art-installation, a refreshing change from DC’s upscale brewpubs.

The beers previewed Thursday night were a pale ale, an India pale ale, a stout, and a ginger beer (alcoholic). The beers were a bit cloudy—the tanks hadn’t settled yet from being moved into place—but tasty. The pale ale was particularly popular.

Bardo officially debuts their full beer lineup Friday, Aug. 8: pale ale, IPA, stout, ginger beer and Marionberry.

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