GRANOLAPARK: Takoma Junction development finalists announced, few details given

The city council  Takoma Junction city lot


Dear Readers,

The city announced Friday, Sept. 5 that the council has picked four Takoma Junction development “finalist” proposals. Details about the proposals are forthcoming, possibly Monday, Sept. 8.

The council met in closed session Wednesday, Sept. 3 to review proposals and winnow them down to four finalists.

The finalists are:

  • The Ability Project
  • Community 3 Development, LLC
  • Keystar LLC and Eco Housing
  • Neighborhood Development Company

The city press release gives only a broad description of the proposals, a “vibrant mix of commercial and residential uses, with green space, sustainable features and a multitude of public amenities.”


The city lot from Carroll Avenue. Photo by City of Takoma Park.

The space to be developed is city owned, usually referred to as “the city lot.” It is currently a parking lot between the TPSS Co-op and an auto repair shop on Carroll Avenue’s south side. Takoma Junction is the multi-jointed intersection/overlapping of several streets and routes near the Takoma Park Fire Station: Carroll, Philadelphia, Grant, Ethan Allen Avenues, Maryland State Routes 410 (East-West Highway) and 195.

The press release says “The City encouraged the development of proposals that would act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.”

Your Gilbert is hoping for an organic paint-ball park and a bar.  What’s more sustainable than a bar?

Two bars!

City Manager Brian Kenner is quoted as saying, “We are excited about the transformative possibilities for the Takoma Junction.”


The city lot, as viewed from the TPSS Coop. Photo by Bill Brown.

The Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op is mentioned as “an anchor in the commercial district and a leader in the local food movement.” The release says the coop is included in all the finalists’ proposals, with options for expansion.

The the four finalists will make public presentations on Tuesday, September 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium. Residents are encouraged to attend and give input.

The Takoma Park City Council will have a work session to discuss the proposals on Monday, September 29.

– Gilbert


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