Silver Spring sights Santa in annual parade


It was a cold Nov. 22, and families were bundled together to stay warm at the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Day parade.

The annual Silver Spring parade offers balloons, floats, dances, and marching bands, not to mention a special appearance by Santa Claus and his elves.

“If you think we’re out here for ourselves you’re wrong, it’s for the kids”, Sue Dickenson said, smiling and watching her little boy Ryan jumping. She can’t remember how long she’s been going to the parade but  she loves it because, she said, she can see the same floats as in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, but here she can actually find a seat.

2014 Montgomery County Thanksgiving Day Parade-7297

Photo by Kerri Redding.

Too antsy to sit down however, first timer Althea’s favorite performers were the dancers of Maryland Youth Ballet, as they were first to start the parade. They performed a beautiful excerpt from the Nutcracker and, when finished, rushed to their coats.

High School marching bands such as James Blake and Montgomery Blair kept the crowd dancing on their feet in the cold weather. The Bolivian dancers, their bell-clad boots stepping to an infectious beat, kept the crowd’s heart rate up, also.

2014 Montgomery County Thanksgiving Day Parade-7574

Photo by Kerri Redding.

“Sit, Stay, Come!” said a local owner to her dog. Humans were not only the ones in the parade. Large Danes and tiny Chihuahua’s thrilled the audience with their tricks.

And could forget the troops? No, not those troops! Our Boy Scout and Girl scout troops! In their blue uniforms Cub Scout Troop 275 handed out candy.

“I want a candy for my tum-tum,” said one excited little boy. There were plenty of dum dum’s to go around.

2014 Montgomery County Thanksgiving Day Parade-7676

Photo by Kerri Redding.

When hearing Santa was coming to town, resident Hallie Ryan and her mom Kelly Ryan and family friend Stephanie Brokobrichs just had to come. Santa and crew ended the parade with a thanksgiving treat for everyone – a lollipop.

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